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          1969 LI MING iron works was established. Manufacturing conveyor, reducers, and special application machinery etc.
          1972 Capital increased. Company name changed as LI MING MACHINERY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Specialized in manufacturing gear reducers.
          1977 LI KUEN MACHINERY CO., LTD. was established. Setting up another line for manufacturing worm gear reducers.
          1987 Capital increased to LI MING MACHINERY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.
          1991 Both LI MING MACHINERY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. and LI KUEN MACHINERY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. moved to new factory at Taz Tzu.

          LI CHIEN GEAR IND. CO., LTD. was established. Setting up a line for manufacturing small gear reducers.

          1996 Increase capitalization to NT. 62 million.
          1997 ISO-9002 Approved?
          1999 Increase capitalization to NT. 92 million.
          2000 ABOVEGEAR INC, LTD. has developed a professional precision gear production method.
          2002 ISO-9001:2000 Approved
          2004 ShangHai LIKUN Machinery LTD. was established.
          2005 DongGuan LEADER Mechanical & Electrical LTD. was established.


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